Input of the T3 participants
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PROGRAM – T3 – 2022

6 January 2022
Art terms – Artists & Artwork:
Basic art vocabulary translation.

7 January 2022
Art terms – Artists & Artwork:
Digging our own dialect vocabulary.

31 March 2022
Art terms – Artists & Artwork:
Translating artist profile and artwork discriptions.

5 May 2022
Curatorial text in Dialect?
Writing in dialect about a curatorial subject.

6 May 2022
What is a curatorial concern in our local society.
Writing and editing skill – Working on angoing concerns.

19 May 2022
Where do we go from here; Curatorial concerns in dialect.

2 June 2022
Producing for social media as a mediation tool.
Working on ongoing concerns.

16 June 2022
Content adaptation and adapting to audience in social media.